1) I was worried about some of stock not matching up when we were doing our monthly stock takes and had a few suspicions of what was going on so I called in Polygraph Benoni to help investigate and find the truth on what was happening, every staff member was polygraphed and our suspensions were proven after the tests were completed the guilty persons were confronted and they admitted to the wrong doing, I now have the trust worthy team that I always wanted in my business – The best decision ever made – K Tromplin, Northmead.

2) When you need the truth on your side and need it fast then there is only one company to call who have the proven track record of rooting out those that don’t belong or are not trustworthy at all and that is Polygraph Benoni – M Buti, Lakefield

3) I was interviewing some potential employees as I had to increase my work force and honesty is a big must for me all the time and without it I cannot function so I asked Polygraph Benoni to come in and assist me with full background checks on all the persons that were called to interview, With their help I was able to make the right the choice on new staff –H Michael’s, Weston Extension

4) The only company to call when you want to know exactly what is happening and where you stand with both your staff and their ethics in life and business and that is worth every penny that is costs to have that all the time – J Hill, Anderbolt.