1) Q: Is polygraphing your staff legal?
A: Yes polygraphing your staff is legal and the findings of a polygraph test can be used as evidence in any CCMA cases that may arise should it be needed to prove your case against any disgruntled ex-staff members.

2) Q: Can I have criminal checks carried out on my staff that are dealing with sensitive information?
A: Yes you can to safe guard all information that they may come across as well as make them sign a full non-disclosure that will hold for many years preventing them from disclosing any sensitive information to any other parties that may jeopardize your company in anyway whatsoever thereby safe guarding all your information further

3) Q: Are Polygraph tests accurate?
A: Yes polygraph tests are considered to be very accurate and are admissible in court cases around the world for conviction of various types of criminal cases that are carried out every day.

4) Q: Do I have to disclose that my staff have to undergo a polygraph test?
A: Yes in the essence of fairness that would be the right thing to do however you do not have to disclose when these tests are to take place as they may encourage some to stay home from work on those particular days thereby making a comprehensive report on all staff incomplete.

5) Q: Do qualified personal have to carry out all polygraph tests?
A: Yes all polygraph tests have to be approved and accredited by the relevant associations after passing all the stringent regulations that are part of the training needed to become an accredited polygraph tester.