Surveillance is the art of close observation, especially of a suspected spy, criminal or cheating spouse.

We make use of the best equipment on the market today for the purpose of observing the target.

Surveillance is one of the oldest and most common practices in investigative services.

Our Experienced and Trained Investigators at Supra, have worked on numerous surveillances and counter surveillance cases covering almost every situation possible. You can expect a reliable answer to your suspicion reinforced by detailed documentation and upon request video or photographic footage of the information you desire.

*Mobile Technology


*Video Recordings

*Tracking Devices

*Covert Recording Devices

You can be confident that your case will be performed discreetly and remain absolutely confidential.

Your case will be handled in a timely.

Professional manner regardless of your case of situation. For example:

*Finding someone’s whereabouts

*Witness’s actions

*Employee Integrity

*Insurance Fraud

*Infidelity, Cheating Spouse

*Child Custody Investigations etc