A Murder Investigator/Homicide Investigator is a member of a registered investigations company, that coordinates murder investigations.

Our investigators work with a team of forensic experts to determine the cause of death and identify the potential suspects.

Our investigators has the benefit of forensic specialists that can aid our investigators in identifying evidence and the scene of the crime and matching the evidence to the suspects. Forensic evidence such as blood, hair saliva, etc may link suspects to the scene of the crime.

Murder is perhaps the single most serious criminal offense. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the killing, a person who is convicted of murder may be sentenced to many years in prison, a prison sentence with no possibility of parole.

Murder Investigations is something we deal with on a regular basis. The family, friends and loved ones of the deceased will be emotionally assisted by our counselors available at Supra Head Office. We understand the pain and loss of a loved one and will not Rest until the suspects is apprehended.