Finding people, In South Africa or any other country, whether they be missing, abducted or lost, is a task that our Private Investigators do discretely, professionally and quickly.

Someone close to you may have gone missing and the normal channels are not producing results, or maybe not fast enough for you. Try as they might, community based services such as the Police only have certain resources they can employ to find your child or loved one. Supra Detective Agency can be engaged to supplement investigations or track down new leads. We also track down people where contact has been lost over a period of years.

Detectives specializing in this field have extensive data bases created over many years to ensure quick and fast results.

For example absconded debtors, abductions, missing children, tracings of biological parents etc When a person goes missing it is essential to take steps and start the investigation immediately.


It will be extremely helpful to the missing person investigator if you can produce recent photographs of the missing person.

Also to give a complete description of the missing person. Let us be vigilant in working together to keep our families and loved ones together and safe.