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  Welcome to Supra Private Investigators  

We are a Private Investigations Company located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Supra Private Investigators specialize in a variety of professional Investigations for example:

1. Private Investigations
2. Murder Investigations
3. Background Investigations
4. Matrimonial Investigations
5. Pharmaceutical Investigations
6. Corporate Investigations
7. Domestic Investigations
8. Company Investigations
9. Crime Investigations
10. Missing Persons Investigations
11. Personal Investigation Services
12. Infidelity Investigations
13. Criminal Investigations
14. Business Investigations
15. Civil Investigations
16. Undercover Investigations / Undercover Operations

Private Investigations Expert, Pieter Swanepoel, has been a professional investigator for more than 20 years. Mr. Swanepoel comes highly recommended by the Regulatory Authority, P.S.I.R.A, as well as having a reputation for being the top PI in the field of investigations. He is behind the wheel of the best rated, leading investigations
agency in South Africa.

Several top Private Investigators, trained under Pieter Swanepoel, assisting them in becoming experts in their own field of expertise:

1. Criminal Investigators / Criminal Detectives
2. Background Investigators / Background Detectives
3. Infidelity Investigators / Infidelity Detectives
4. Matrimonial Investigators / Matrimonial Detectives
5. Murder Investigators / Murder Detectives
6. Insurance Investigators / Insurance Detectives
7. Surveillance Investigators / Surveillance Detectives
8. Missing Person Investigators / Missing Person Detectives
9. Online Private Investigator / Online Private Detective
10. Private Investigators / Privaat Speurders
11. Secret Investigators / Secret Detectives
12. Local Private Investigators / Local Private Detectives
13. Private Investigators South Africa / Private Detectives South Africa
14. Private Investigators Gauteng / Private Detectives Gauteng

If you are looking for a reputable, trustworthy Private Investigations Agency, then Supra is the company for you. Our private detectives are on standby 24/7.

We believe in service excellence and we also believe that we are the best at what we do. Our missing persons detectives created extensive data bases over many years to ensure quick and fast results. Professional Detectives are what you will find at Supra. So if you are looking for a private detective in Johannesburg or a private detective in Pretoria etc, there is no need to search any further as we work throughout South Africa.

Supra is a Private Detective Agency that understand the needs of our clients. Here at Supra you will find a private detective to suit your every need. We have the best private detectives in South Africa. Our private detective
Services will speak for itself.

We also specialize in debt collecting, with a trained and registered team of debt Collectors. We make use of strong arm collections. Polygraph Tests / Polygraph Testing is also a service we provide. As private investigators / private detectives, private eye, we often do investigations for attorneys and testify in court as well. Every private eye at Supra ,undergoes additional extensive in-house training to ensure the best experience and service delivery humanly possible. Confidentiality at Supra is guaranteed.
We leave no stone unturned!

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